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The Brown family instantly fell in love with and welcomed, Starlit, a spotted Appaloosa horse, to their farm. The family's three chestnut Quarter horses weren't as easily willing to accept him because he looked different from them. Until one day when the four horses went on a wild adventure and got lost. They soon begin to realize Starlit's unique qualities aren't so bad after all.


The Horse That Looked Different uses horses to bring across the message of the story to children of how they should not judge or bully someone for being different, but rather accept and appreciate that person for who they are. Children need to begin learning from a very young age that it is important for them to respect and accept one another rather than choose to bully. I feel not only can my book be a valuable reading tool for children, but at the same time it will teach them a positive lesson about the importance of accepting one another.


I have self published my book and it is available for sale on and My book is well suited for children ages 3-6.

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