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A new review of studies from 13 countries found signs of an apparent connection between bullying, being bullied, and suicide. Bullying has become an epidemic of epic proportions. The platforms used to bully (in person, social media, websites and apps) continue to keep growing each and everyday.


Stand For The Silent travels all around the country talking to kids and adults about the effects that bullying has on the world. We are completely donation funded and could not continue this journey without your help!

On the map below all the areas we have visited are represented with a red dot. Check back often because as we visit schools, we add to the map. Our goal is to make it to every city in every state. Can you help us reach our goal?



Tulsa, OK

Luther, OK

Purcell, OK

Norman, OK

Oklahoma City Capital Rally

Ocean City, NJ

Cedar Vale, KS

Cameron, MO

Carrollton, MO

Fulton, MO

Loudon, TN

Knoxville, TN

Pleasant Hill, IA

New Hampton, IA

Belleville, IL

Aurora, IL



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Stand For The Silent runs exclusively off grants and support from people just like you. You do not need to give $500 to donate to the cause, a $5 donation is just as important and appreciated! Whatever you are able to do, it will be used 100% to further the cause. We do not charge for a presentations. Any funds donated to Stand for the Silent pay for travel to a school or presentation site and the materials needed to support our program. You can make a One Time Donation, Become a Monthly Sponsor or Pay It Forward. Any capacity you can help is appreciated!


Please Note: Donations can also be mailed to 6918 W.128th St., Perkins, OK 74059.


Please DO NOT mail cash.

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